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Shipping policy

These shipping times are only estimates. Delays due to customs are outside of our control. Although we try to ship as fast as we can, and use reliable methods to do so, a country's customs department may take actions outside of our control.

By agreeing to shop with us, you do not hold us liable for the actions outside of our control. In addition, while we do our best to recuperate lost mail (we guarantee delivery by shipping UNTIL you receive it), we will not issue refunds solely due to lost packages. We will not issue refunds due to failure to pick up from post office if delivery fails. We will advise you on those steps, but package abandonment is not grounds for a refund. Instead, we will issue re-shipment to deliver your purchase.

You agree to the above when you shop with us.

Most of our products ship either from our warehouse overseas.

We process orders Monday through Friday and ship Monday through Friday. We do not process or ship on U.S. Federal Holidays.

Our typical shipping times (after processing) take the following: 

We use USPS, DHL and EMS when coming from our overseas warehouse to ship your order.

Inside the USA/Canada: 9-21 working days. Canadian customs times are generally very quick, but may result in an extra 1-2 working days on top of the 2-5 working days.

International: 9-21 working days. Customs delays, and precautions being taken by some countries has caused delays of up to 5 days. Our shipping time does not include customs processing. With regards to international shipments, we are not responsible for customs costs associated with your country's customs policies as they are often unpredictable. That being said, please contact your customs office before you decide to purchase if customs costs concerns you.

Our suppliers and shippers provide us with estimates, and then provide them to you.

None of these times are guarantees. And by shopping with us, you agree to this.

Lastly, and most importantly, please follow your package. Some packages sent require signature. You are responsible for picking up your package from the local post office. We cannot intercept the package at this point in the journey. 

Thank you for shopping with us!

** This policy and shipping times was last updated on March 10, 2020.